For Librarians

This Isn’t Your Grandparents Library

Librarians and library paraprofessionals understand that the stereotyped library of TV, movies and books, no longer applies to the busy community centers our libraries are today. While we still often where cardigans (because HVAC systems are tough!) we do not expect people to use the library for research, scholarly study, or self-guided reading.

Little did I know when I graduated from Library school in 2005, I would need skills that were never covered in classes on information studies. How do I help a child who has no one to turn to at the end of a school day? How do I balance the needs of kids and teens while serving the families who seek more traditional library service? How do I advocate for the kids who are in the library everyday? How do I share with administration and the board the challenges that, we on the front line, face every day.

While a lot of my posts are for parents, I understand that librarians are the equalizers and disseminators of information. The more we work together and share ideas the more we are able to help the communities we love and serve.

What struggles do you have as a librarian? What has worked for you as a librarian in programming, reaching parents, or outreach? Share your experiences with me so together we can build a go to resource for those working with children and families in the library world.

Please email with your stories, comments, suggestions and more!