Picture candidJessica Smith has ten years experience in academic and public libraries. Currently she serves as a Children’s Librarian in a Cleveland inner-ring suburb. Trained through the American Library Association (ALA) program Every Child Ready to Read, she developed a passion for helping parents raise readers from birth.

By applying the knowledge and techniques she learned from library school and the ALA all three of her children were reading independently by age 5. She worked as a volunteer in a Reach Out and Read program modeling reading for parents to engage their young readers. She continues to volunteer at the Cleveland Kids Book Bank, which helps distribute books to various agencies and schools within Northeast Ohio to build home libraries and literacy skills. And for two years worked as a a literacy specialist with Daily Dose of Reading.

Goal #1: Highlight books that build literacy skills

Research shows that by reading to children starting at birth helps immensely in future school success. (The Word Gap, NAEYC) By choosing books that focus on pre-reading skills parents build future readers.

Goal #2: Highlight research on play

Play has a huge impact on future learning success. Play is more than fun. Our children are hard at work when they are in the midst of meaningful play. Maria Montessori called play the work of the child.

Goal #3: In service to the child

We all want the best for our kids. Building Future Readers puts children first by guiding parents to the information they need to build strong confident children.

Although Jessica works for a library all the opinions, views, and suggestions are her own and in no way indicate the views and preferences of the library she works for.

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